Monday, June 6, 2011

OLIVIA party :: Budget and where to buy

This is the fourth and final blog post about the now infamous Olivia party! :) I thought you readers out there might like to see a list of where I bought supplies and such. Where you see "free" that means I already owned the product.

  • Cherrybrook chocolate cupcake mix (36 ct)... $10, Kroger
  • Strawberries... $6, Kroger
  • Watermelon... $5, Kroger
  • Popcorn... $3, Kroger
  • Mini-pepperoni pizza... $8, Kroger
  • Chips and salsa... $6, Kroger
  • Beverages... $12, Kroger
  • White Beverage Napkins (50 ct)... $2.49, Oriental Trading
  • Baking Cups & Picks (100 ct)... $4.99, Oriental Trading
  • Polka Dot Napkins (40 ct)... $2.29, Target
  • Square Red Plates (36 ct)... $3, Walmart
  • Reusable Red Kids Cups (12 ct)... $4, Target
  • Reusable White Adult Cups (12 ct)... FREE
  • Red & White Straws... FREE
  • Red Balloons... $10 for one dozen, Kroger
  • Red and White Polka Dot Ribbon... $2, Hobby Lobby
  • Foamcore for Lifesize Olivia... $5, Hobby Lobby
  • Red Pennant Banner... $7.99, Oriental Trading
  • Paint and brushes for art project... FREE
  • Exacto knife... FREE
  • Red Pails (12 ct)... $8.99, Oriental Trading
  • Red and White Swirl Lollypops (24 ct)... $9.99, Oriental Trading
  • Invitations (20 ct)... $7.60, Target
  • Postage (18 ct)... $7.92, USPS
  • Red Polka Dot and Black Damask Gift Wrap... $2, Target
  • Black cardstock for thank you cards... $3, Walmart

TOTAL= $147

We had 12 children and 16 adults (28 guests total), so I thought the party was fairly affordable to feed and entertain a crew of that size! To get all the Olivia party posts, click on the tag, "olivia" below.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

OLIVIA party :: Crafts and activities

By far, the biggest hit of the party was wagon rides around the backyard. They never tired of it! For the older kids, we had croquet set up in the side yard.

At the craft table, the kids enjoyed coloring sheets from

We put together a cute Olivia egg craft from, too. It was great to use clearanced Easter eggs from earlier in the month. Note that it's best to use tacky glue for the craft as regular school glue didn't work too well for us.

Tucked away in the corner of the yard, we had a dress-up station with an open suitcase, props and a mirror. The sign on the suitcase reads: "Rule of Life #7: Whatever the question, costumes are always a good answer."

To get all the Olivia party posts, click on the tag, "olivia" below.