Friday, March 20, 2009

Confetti Fleece Rug

A spinoff of the "rag rug," I made this two-color fleece rug for my daughter's nursery. Besides several hours of tedious work while watching TV, the whole project only cost $25.

  • 2 yards dark pink fleece
  • 2 yards light pink fleece
  • 1 fish net (from craft store)
  • fabric scissors
Using fabric scissors, cut fleece into 1x6-inch strips and tie in alternating colors to the fish net. You should have enough fabric to make a 3.5 x 5 rug. Just trim the net down to the size you want. Fluff the rug and you're done!


  1. Hey Kelsey! I LOVE the rug! And Natalie's room is so cute. Hope ya'll are doing great!

  2. Hey there, Linda! Well, the rug took some time, but it's soooo soft and Natalie plays on it all the time. We're doing great--hope you all are too. :)