Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Time for a trim

We all love some before-and-after shots, right? Especially when it documents proof of your progress after a project takes longer than you expected (read 2 hours) and gives you an extremely sore back. Well, I hope the results are worth it. 
Here is our backyard. I just recently did some work on the edge of the grass that was creeping into the "alley" or whatever that gap is....ahhh, inheritance of landscaping from previous homeowners. And I also trimmed up the climbing Carolina jessamine at the back left.

But the project of the day was tackling that horribly shredded and yellowed mass of foliage at the base of the tree near the center. I affectionately call it "the tree tutu."

Last summer's drought really ravaged the poor plant (can anyone identify what it is, anyway?), but I was determined to try and rescue it.

So, here you are folks. All those deep green leaves were hiding beneath. 

It was a real chore to individually trim out all the dead leaves. But, I keep staring out the window at the vast improvement it's made.

Now for some color in the backyard other than brown and green. More on those adventures later!


  1. your "tutu plant" is an aspidistra or cast-iron plant. And that's exactly why I found your blog- because a very dear Great-Aunt taught me to call them "tutus"- LOL! I hope you and your family enjoy them as much as we did when we lived on the TX coast!

    1. Wow, and I thought I was being original! ;) Thanks for sending me the correct name--I see them all over the place but never knew what they're called.