Sunday, May 16, 2010

Double Duty

Admittedly, at two years old, my baby girl is no longer a baby, so we recently transitioned her out of her crib into a full-size bed. We used her old crib to make a headboard for the new bed, even though it wasn't a convertible crib, per se.

This repurposing project worked out great because even though we have a baby on the way who will need a crib, our old crib was a drop-side, used crib that we were no longer comfortable with due to all the crib recalls and safety issues. I feel perfectly justified buying a new crib for the new baby, especially since we were able to repurpose the old one instead of tossing it.
Here's the finished headboard. Basically, my husband took the two ends of the crib and used metal brackets to attach them at the back. Then, he used furniture wall straps to tether the headboard to the wall--nice and secure. This headboard could fit up to a queen-size bed, and I love that my daughter still has a piece of her babyhood with her as she sleeps.


  1. So cute Kelsey----I love it!!! (and such a neat and tidy space---just give Natalie a little time to drag the toys out!)

  2. What a great idea to convert your original nursery design in this way...very innovative! I'm in the same place now, trying to figure out to transition my toddler's room from a nursery to a "big girl room" but so far getting some great ideas from ... wish me luck!