Monday, July 26, 2010

Monogrammed Nursery Artwork

With two weeks until my due date, my son's nursery is now complete. I opted not to do a themed nursery, instead choosing three colors to repeat throughout the room. The color scheme is anchored with homemade artwork above the crib.

Here are the steps for this monogrammed art project:

- 12"x12" art canvas
- acrylic paints
- paintbrushes
- ruler
- stencil letter (or find a font that you can freehand)
- level
- painter's tape (optional)
- trim from hardware store
- spray paint
- wood glue
- wood filler
- picture frame wire and eyehooks
- mounting strips

  • Using a ruler and pencil, divide your 12"x12" canvas into three horizontal sections for the stripes (each would be 4 inches deep).
  • Trace the letter with a stencil or eyeball it using a font you like as a template.
  • Stipple (paint small dots) the three stripes with the acrylic colors you've chosen, making sure to continue stripes around the sides of the canvas. Let dry.
  • Paint the letter with a contrasting color with a thin paintbrush or paint marker.
  • Measure a 24"x24" square on your wall.
  • Using the same color as the letter on your canvas, paint the square. (You can use painter's tape as a guide for best accuracy, but the trim should cover up any imperfections later.)
  • Consider adding a second coat, especially if your wall is textured.
  • Select a 2-inch trim/moulding style from your local hardware store (usually sold in long pieces by the foot).
  • Cut into four 2-ft pieces with corners at 45-degree angles. Some stores have cutting stations that you could use without having to own a saw at home.
  • Assemble with wood glue and filler at the seams, making sure that the end result is square (90-degree corners with no warping).
  • Spraypaint the frame (two coats recommended) and let dry.
  • Attach mounting strips to the back of the frame and hang on wall. Screws or nails on the top corners could be added for extra reinforcement.
  • Screw in two eyehooks to the upper back corners of your canvas and thread picture wire through the loops.
  • Hang in the center of the painted mat with a nail.
  • Step back and admire the results!


  1. I love the monogram! I'm doing the same thing with our nursery, no theme, just three colors used in the decor. Your nursery looks great!

  2. Thanks for the comment! What colors did you choose for your nursery? Do you have any pics?