Monday, August 23, 2010

Utility Room Makeover

Needing additional storage for my utility/laundry room, I took measurements of the space and tried to recreate the look of a built-in, but without the cost. I wanted something that was functional as well as attractive (maybe could serve as motivation to spend more time in there and tackle that heap of dirty clothes!?). Sketching out my vision helped me and my husband get a better idea of what we wanted from the space and how everything would fit.

I'm really pleased with the end results. For the shelving unit, I bought two inexpensive white bookcases, some shelf brackets, a cafe rod and hooks, 1.25 yards of fabric. The fabric curtain conceals our vacuum cleaner and floor mop, along with the cleaning solution we use with it. The three hooks for purses/backpacks/umbrellas, are screwed into some scrap moulding left over from another project.

For the chalkboard on the back of the door, I repurposed a 22x28 poster frame by spray-painting it with a can of clearanced blue paint, then put two coats of chalkboard paint on a piece of thin beech plywood, cut to size. My husband assembled it and mounted it on the door with heavy duty contact strips. (Now, I just need to buy some chalk so we can use the thing!)
I "shopped" my house for accents that weren't otherwise in use (red mirror, flowers, artwork, red media boxes) and I consolidated some storage in my daughter's room to be able to use the white baskets in the utility.
Altogether, the project cost came to about $70! And, although I can't say I adore doing laundry or other housework now, I certainly like being able to find things quickly with labeled storage containers, and the cheery decor certainly helps my attitude.

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  1. Im sure you are loving this zone. Great job!