Saturday, November 6, 2010

Harvest Garland

This craft project couldn't be simpler. Not the most beautiful decor you could dream up, but it was a great activity for me and my toddler--not to mention, it's a great lesson in learning letters.

- 2 scrapbook sheets in autumnal colors (12x12in)
- marker or pen
- hole punch
- scissors
- yarn
- glue

  1. Take two sheets of scrapbook paper, fold into quarters and cut along folds. You should have eight (6x6in) squares.
  2. Using marker or pen, write one letter per square to spell out h-a-r-v-e-s-t.
  3. Punch hole in top center of each square.
  4. Trace letters with glue and have your "little helper" run yarn along the glue lines. Trim yarn with scissors to fit each letter.
  5. Cut a long piece of yarn and tie from one end to another to create the garland. (I used the two window latches/locks to tie the yarn to. You could do this on a wall using thumbtacks or the like.)
  6. Attach each letter using a small piece of yarn and tying to the garland.
  7. FYI, the pumpkin sitting above the garland is a craft from Paint - Cut - Paste.

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